Our perfume oils are undiluted and long lasting -
surrounding the wearer with aromas which may last for days.
Thus, promoting an outer beauty which invokes a subtle inner beauty.

Monday, 22 March 2010

Factory visit

Miss Noraini (Regional Manager)
received warmth welcome
from supplier with base in the U.K.

From Left Mr Cheng (Sales Director) with Mr Nur Hidayat (Global Manager).

Mr Thomas Wan (Managing Director - Far East)with Mr Rahim

Mr Christian Provenzano (Global Perfumery Director) with Mr Rahim

Thursday, 18 March 2010

Halal Product Convention at Persada Johor

Tan Sri Mohd Ali ( CEO Johor Corp ) with Mr Rahim.

Perfume Workshop

Understanding the different level of perfume notes.
Perfume application and its reaction towards individual.
Types of perfume and its' lasting.
History of perfume making.
Creating your own perfume.
Glycerine soap making (scented and unscented).
Incense making.